Oakwood Farm

Oakwood Farm

Oakwood farm in Robertsbridge is one of only a few small licensed organic orchards in the Sussex High Weald. Owned by Matthew and Carol Wilson, the farm achieved full organic status in September 1999. They grow Cox, Egremont Russet, Gala, Fiesta, Ida Red, Jonagored, Spartan, Falstaff and Adams Pearmain apple varieties. For two to three weeks in September, a team of casual pickers harvests the apples into 660lb wooden crates called bulk bins. The apples are put into a cold store at three to four degrees Celsius, then graded into fresh dessert 'eaters' in 30lb boxes with minimum packaging, and those for juicing. We usually receive these from September through to around March but their delicious apple juice is delivered to us year round. You can add apples and juice as extras to your delivery.

Having had a veg box for some years I can't imagine not having one now. I like knowing our veg has come from the other side of the hill rather than transported in a lorry from the other side of the country.

— Sarah, Brighton

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