Jay Kendall

Jay Kendall

Jay Kendall operates at Lewes Farmers Market as 'Preserved by Jay'. Once part of the Village Country Market stall holders (aka WI) we have teamed up with Jay so that we can make the most of our veg when we have a glut, or have wonky/unsaleable but totally edible food. We can't call the jars she makes for us 'certified organic' as her premises and not all ingredients are. But the jars she makes for us are made from our own organic fruit and veg that would otherwise only make it to the compost 'cloud' in the ground. Nothing is ever wasted in an organic system as compost is the key and proof that all life on planet earth is 'One and indivisible'. No soil, no life. Planet organic. Useful in other words. But some veg that might not make the grade get one last chance to shine, thanks to Jay, in a jar of delicious chutney, jam or pickle. Eco beyond measure.

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I love my veg box so much - you guys never disappoint with the delicious produce each week and I love all your honest correspondence.

— Charlotte - Brighton

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